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I wanted to share a video with everyone that was recently photographed of the recorded public and prescriptive easements so the public can see for themselves what Saguaro Ranch is trying to "Take" from the public! Currently the Sagurao Ranch developer, Stephen Phinny, has a backhoe parked across the easement/road in an attempt to block access to the recorded public easement. Although the easement has been confirmed to be a "public easement" by the Town of Marana in their Resolution 2009-14, the town [still] appears unwilling to require the developer to remove the backhoe that he has parked across the easement/road. While the backhoe does temporarily prevent full access, rest assured, the public easement remains PUBLIC, and enjoying it's beauty is yours to visit anytime! We encourage the public to come see this beautiful area and let it be known that we ALL want to protect the continued use and enjoyment of this recorded public easement, in order to make sure that EVERYONE is able to access and enjoy the scenic value and sense of place that the easement provides now and forever! Saguaro Ranch advertises this area to be "the most beautiful place on earth," although in recent court hearings Saguaro Ranch is now describing the area roadway/easement as "a road to nowhere." As [if] to imply the easement is "nothing" and therefore has no reason to continue to exist. After watching the video, what do you think? Does it seem reasonable this public scenic public asset should be TAKEN from the public so that all public access can be designated as a private playground for a development whose developer appears to feel that due to the extreme wealth of their potential residents and their desires for total exclusivity and privacy that this 'public' easement should be abandoned in order to guarantee this area of the Tortolita Mountains will be exclusively for the sole pleasure and enjoyment of the residents and guest of their development ONLY. And, all existing or future public access or enjoyment of the area should be completely prohibited?... Mindful, that this IS a recorded public easement and road that has provided access into the Tortolita Mountain's for generations! Accessing the public easement is best from the northern end of Thornydale Road. Do not go through the Saguaro Ranch tunnel. There is a dirt clearing on the west side of Thornydale Road which is part of the Right of Way; just before the tunnel on the left hand side of the road. From that location you can walk or ride over the dirt portion of Thorndale Road that travels over the hill. Once on the other side of the hill you will meet the public easement; which travels east. (Right) The public easement travels from that location all the way just past the McClintock's restaurant. The public easement is about 1 1/2 miles +/- NOTE: You will see a backhoe parked across the road about a quarter mile ahead which you will have to go around. Additionally, Saguaro Ranch does enjoy closing a gate they installed, although, they have been instructed by the Marana Police Dept. NOT to lock it. So, feel free to open it if you find it closed. And please, do not feel any obligation or concern to close it!... We ask that you leave the gate open! This is a two part video: Part I, is the recorded "PUBLIC" easement. Part II, is the "prescriptive" easement. The public easement and the prescriptive easement connect at the section line of 17 & 20. Together, they are approx. 3.3 miles long and have provided access into the Tortolita Mountains for decades. The prescriptive easement is also where a portion of the Tortolita Mountain County Park is located. We thank everyone for their continued interest and support and encourage you to come see this beautiful area!